Lizandra Velez

203 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Massachusetts and the founder of Invest with Lisi where I focus on working with clients who have the courage to invest in themselves and my business when purchasing a home. I have been working in Real Estate since 2008. When I first began my career, I spent my time working on leasing rental properties until I found my niche and began focusing on helping buyers and sellers invest in residential and multi- family properties.


While watching my parents purchase a home in 1987, they weren’t given the land that was originally promised due to a “language barrier” and because of this I am competitive in fighting for what each of my clients deserve. My past experience has taught me, the decisions you make in life matter and leave a lasting effect on you and those around you. This is why I pride myself on assisting clients with making the right purchase for their future home, and pride myself on being an educator and resource for my clients!